Miami, Florida

I am no stranger to Miami, Florida. One of my really good friends lives there, so this was the third time I was visiting Miami to see her. Outside of her, I’ve been to Miami a couple of times with my family. This post is highlighting the most recent time going to Miami, March 2018.

Now that I’m getting into this whole blogging thing, I need to remember to take more pictures of my surroundings and less of myself. I apologize in advance for all of my face and none of the places I actually visited.

Miami Beach Edition Basement:

Miami Basement

So, it’s a chic hotel and in the basement (haha!) there’s a club, bowling alley, AND an ice skating rink. Unfortunately, we only did the club. Now, I remember why I dislike clubs. I like to sit a lot. And not stand at the bar. Alas, I am way too broke to do VIP tables and bottle service, especially in a place like Miami. Sure, I can shell out a couple for Cleveland, yet why would I do it in Cleveland……………… Anyways, I also hate the layout of clubs. Of course they make lots of money with their tables ($30 of Absolute being upcharged to $250 minimum HAHA), but they put them in the center and sides, which makes sense if you’re at one of these sections, but like I said… I’m broke, so I am confined to the bar, squished, or the random gaps of spaces where people are pushing you to get to other places.

All things considered, Basement was pretty cool, and if I go back again, I would want to go ice skating! Oh, fun fact: somebody asked me to take a picture of their makeup brand. Where is that picture now? Unsure. Let me know if y’all find it.

Miami Film Festival, The Standard:

Miami Standard
My lashes were threatening to pop off and apparently my highlight was too bright, but where?

Do you know the cool part about having cool friends? They have passes to the Miami Film Festival and access to happy hours with filmmakers, directors, and bloggers. Free wine and beer bar, so obviously I got the sangria. Did I talk to anybody there? Absolutely not. Did I look cute though? Absolutely. Did some guy try to use a pick up line of “Oh my, are you an actress? Beautiful.” Yup. Was I like “No I’m a lawyer.” YES HAHA. Did I still have a fun time? Yes ma’am! The backdrop was so beautiful, but I wish the sun wasn’t at it’s peak. Pictures were too bright with bad shading on my face.

Toro Toro Restaurant:

Miami Toro Toro
Truly tried to fix the lighting of this pic, but I failed.

All. You. Can. Eat. Brunch. Now, I’m no stranger to this type of brunch. The DC area is full of this, usually unlimited mimosas with your brunch entree. Some places, such as Toro Toro, do unlimited mimosas (or margaritas and aqua frescas, shout out to El Centro) AND food. I took a break from the seagan lifestyle to feast on some filet with chimichurri sauce, but I mainly ate shrimp, salmon, crab, and cauliflower. I don’t think I ever really eat eggs at brunches anyways. Lots of meat. I gotta soak up all the alcohol I was drinking!

Unfortunately, Cleveland has made unlimited mimosas illegal or something, so y’all won’t find me brunching as often as I would like to. Who really has the money to get drunk off of 10 mimosas? 10 mimosas in Cleveland is more than the unlimited brunch in DC… Anyways, since I’ll be in Cleveland for the foreseeable future, I’ll stop with this slander.

But Toro Toro? 10/10 Recommend. My goal was to drink 10 mimosas, and that I did. Champagne drunk is my favorite type of drunk.

Sugar EAST Miami:

Miami East

Now this is a lifestyle I want to live. $15-$18 craft cocktails. Small plates. Nice skyline and beautiful views. Older crowd. Plush surroundings. You and 2-4 other friends. Sophisticasual. I only came to get my picture (of myself), honestly. But one of these days, y’all will find me rooftop bar hopping without a care in the world.

After our pictures, we ended going to a much more grungy bar. Ladies get free drinks* and they play lots of throwback music. Not my scene, but also didn’t hate it–I got free drinks though!

*restrictions did apply, not sure which since I got all the drinks I ordered, but I’m simple and ordered the house cocktail and tequila-pineapple.

When will I next be in Miami? Unclear. But next time, if I don’t have a picture on a boat, I’ll be sad.

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