About This

A lot of people ask why I started blogging. I love reading and writing. Once I got to law school, I lost connection with reading and writing for fun (some of y’all might beg to differ, saying that writing case briefs are fun…)

I started getting very depressed. It took me a while to figure out why I was so sad, and it was because one of my passions in life was gone. So, I made a resolution to re-start my blog (yes, I’ve done this blog route before, but decided I wanted to completely start over). I invested in a domain name and started taking off.

I used the blog to make myself get up and be active in the Cleveland food scene. I thought it was going to be just a pet project–I had no idea I’d rack up a handful of followers. Even though it’s not often, I love it when random people and friends reach out to me asking for brunch suggestions, or even letting me know that they decided to check out a restaurant because of my post.

Once I left Cleveland, I fell so in love with my blogging, and my own personal growth through the journey, that I decided to keep it going.

So stay tuned as I eat, drink, and travel my way through the world.