Inn on Coventry

inn 4

I’ve been here once before, so I had a friend over for the weekend, so I decided to take her here. It’s yummy, it’s close, and it’s popular.

inn 3

Last time I came, I got the Maryland Style Crab Cake Benedict. Like I said, I’m seagan-ish. Not gonna turn down some poached eggs. Fun fact though, this was the first time I’ve had eggs in about 2 months. Not as good as I remember them, though. I used to eat eggs like 3 to 4 times a week: over medium, over medium omelets, hard boiled, regular omelet… It’s just so easy to make with a side of fish.

Anyways, this time around, I got the same exact thing. Mainly because that was the only fish option on the menu. But this time, I got a side of avocado.

inn 5

Now, does this look like fresh avocado to you?

Here’s a funny story: I once bought non-ripe avocado and I had a serious urge to make some guacamole. So, I decided to google “how to quickly ripen avocados.” First thing? “Put avocado in microwave for 30 seconds” or something like that. So what did I do? What Google told me to do. Do you know how it turned out? More or less, just like that picture above. It was okay when I was making my guacamole. I put some spices in that. But these avocados up there? Not spiced and you can taste the weird mushy, not- butter, kinda-plastic texture of it. The nice waiter noticed that we did not like (we had taken a bite out of it and, whew, our faces) the avocado, so she stuck it from our bill.

Besides for the avocado, the food was good. I love crab cakes, even outside of Maryland and the east coast, so no complaints from me.

Mitchell’s Fish Market


It was a series of twists and turns that lead me to Mitchell’s Fish Market. I wanted to help out a friend in dire need, so I took her phone to the Apple Store. They SAID it would take a little over an hour, so to kill time, my friend and I walked around the Eton shopping center, and we were deciding between B Spot Burgers and Mitchell’s. Since I had B Spot the first time I was ever in Cleveland (and man, the fries were good!) and my friend was feeling a lighter lunch, we chose Mitchell’s.

I was looking extremely bummy. Ripped jeans, my snow boots (because it’s April and Cleveland is still cold with snow drizzles), an over-sized sweatshirt, and a beanie hat. I wasn’t expecting to go to a nicer place for lunch, let alone anywhere outside of the Apple store. But, I had the money, the lack of shame at that time, and the appetite, so does it really matter? (No).


The menu was extensive for lunch. I could have gone for the lunch options, but none of the fried options were really appealing to me. So I availed myself to the larger menu. I’m not sure why I was so shocked about the amount of fish options, and preparations, I could have had. I’m simple, so I chose pan seared salmon and opted to get a side of french fries.


But first, we probably had the best sourdough bread I have ever eaten in my whole entire life. Ever. It was fresh out of the oven, light, melts in your mouth. And the butter was my favorite type: whipped! Bread was so warm that the butter just melted perfectly. Everything was perfect. Normally I don’t pig out on the bread, but we asked for a second loaf, which we also ate with a fierce intensity — even though we were already stuffing ourselves with our own plates.


Back to the salmon. It was okay. I honestly make a better salmon. I think the pan seared could have been a little more darkened. Maybe I should have asked for broiled salmon or specified for a darker pan sear? Anyways, like I said, I make a better salmon. Maybe I should have gotten some swordfish or scallops, or one of the featured items. Or next time I’ll just go back for dinner, so I don’t feel some type of way about spending $30 or so on my meal.

My friend’s plate looked very good. Sesame crusted pan seared tuna with quinoa and pureed peas, with a side of rice. To me, it seemed more like a dinner entree than a lunch special, but to each their own. I’m more of a light lunch, bigger dinner type person anyways.


If I go back, I’m definitely going to try their cocktails. And not the salmon. Being seagan-ish is hard when going out, mainly because I make my fish the way I like it. Salmon, scallops, and tilapia are three things I think I make better than most restaurants (and my friends who have tried them have yet to tell me otherwise).

Market Garden Brewery

Happy Easter, friends! Decided to hop on over the Ohio City to get some yummy tummy brunch. I had wanted to go to Cleveland Chop, since they have $7 “pitchers” (maybe like 12 ounces or so) of mimosas and margaritas. BUT, it’s Easter Sunday, and I did not make my brunch reservations in time (aka a week or two ago), so I did not find a time at Cleveland Chop. I also wanted to go to Urban Farmer… But guess what? Also full! This is what happens when you underestimate Cleveland. But, by the glory of God, Market Garden Brewery had available times.

MK 7
mkt grdn bc y not
MK 16
beer beer beer beer beer

I’ve been here once before for dinner. Then, I got the buffalo cauliflower tacos (highly recommend!) and this cocktail drink with St. Germaine (one of my favorite liquors). My friend and I also split this tray of different mustards and meats, and a scotch egg. This was my first time having a scotch egg, and I really did enjoy it. But, this post is about the brunch we had! It was delicious. First, we started off with a flight of mimosas. From most favorite to least, it was passion fruit, strawberry, blackberry, and white peach. I LOVE passion fruit. LOVE. LOOVVVEEE. Every day when we were in Haiti, I would have all the passion fruit cocktails. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, I don’t care. I had it.

MK 4
From left to right… blackberry, strawberry, passion fruit, white peach.

So naturally, since we all loved the passion fruit mimosa (I love my cultured friends with good taste), we got a carafe of it.

MK 13
passion fruit, it’s like i’m back in haiti

I’m not really an egg person when it comes to brunch. If I get eggs, it’s usually with some steak, or on top of a burger… But, I’m seagan(ish), so could not opt for my burger with a friend egg on top for brunch. Instead, I got the crab cake tacos. At first, I was suspect. I normally don’t eat crab cakes outside of Maryland, let alone the true east coast. But since I became seagan(ish), I had to let that curtain fall. Ohio has pretty good seafood. Where it comes from? No idea. Was it tasty? Yup!

MK 8
not maryland crab cakes but yum nonetheless

So the crab cake tacos were topped with hollandaise sauce (hence the “ish” in seagan-ish), red cabbage, cilantro, tomatoes, and red onions. The dish came with a side of guacamole and pickled jalapeños. Uh, I would not have picked jalapenos again, but Market Garden’s guac? Definitely better than Chipotle’s, but not as good as mine. Stay tuned for posts about my guac.

MK 10
egg burritos w/ chorizos

My friend got the egg burrito with potatoes and chorizo, and her boyfriend got the same thing I did (honestly, the crab cake tacos were very VERY yummy, and I honestly would get it again, no shame).

MK 9
on easter we brunch with friends

I really do enjoy the vibe of Market Garden, and Ohio City! If it wasn’t too far away from my school, I would probably live in Ohio City. The other places (Porco, Bier Market, Bar Cento, Speakeasy, Townhall, Bakersfield…) are so cool, and I would just love to walk downstairs from my apartment to grab a craft drink or a paleo entree at Townhall, or a pitcher or margaritas from Baskersfield… Unfortunately, I’m in University Circle. Sucks. But, I will be doing more outings, most likely when I get back from summer vacation.

MK 6
Oh! Dress by Elizabeth and James. So cute. 

Until next time, Ohio City!

Miami, Florida

I am no stranger to Miami, Florida. One of my really good friends lives there, so this was the third time I was visiting Miami to see her. Outside of her, I’ve been to Miami a couple of times with my family. This post is highlighting the most recent time going to Miami, March 2018.

Now that I’m getting into this whole blogging thing, I need to remember to take more pictures of my surroundings and less of myself. I apologize in advance for all of my face and none of the places I actually visited.

Miami Beach Edition Basement:

Miami Basement

So, it’s a chic hotel and in the basement (haha!) there’s a club, bowling alley, AND an ice skating rink. Unfortunately, we only did the club. Now, I remember why I dislike clubs. I like to sit a lot. And not stand at the bar. Alas, I am way too broke to do VIP tables and bottle service, especially in a place like Miami. Sure, I can shell out a couple for Cleveland, yet why would I do it in Cleveland……………… Anyways, I also hate the layout of clubs. Of course they make lots of money with their tables ($30 of Absolute being upcharged to $250 minimum HAHA), but they put them in the center and sides, which makes sense if you’re at one of these sections, but like I said… I’m broke, so I am confined to the bar, squished, or the random gaps of spaces where people are pushing you to get to other places.

All things considered, Basement was pretty cool, and if I go back again, I would want to go ice skating! Oh, fun fact: somebody asked me to take a picture of their makeup brand. Where is that picture now? Unsure. Let me know if y’all find it.

Miami Film Festival, The Standard:

Miami Standard
My lashes were threatening to pop off and apparently my highlight was too bright, but where?

Do you know the cool part about having cool friends? They have passes to the Miami Film Festival and access to happy hours with filmmakers, directors, and bloggers. Free wine and beer bar, so obviously I got the sangria. Did I talk to anybody there? Absolutely not. Did I look cute though? Absolutely. Did some guy try to use a pick up line of “Oh my, are you an actress? Beautiful.” Yup. Was I like “No I’m a lawyer.” YES HAHA. Did I still have a fun time? Yes ma’am! The backdrop was so beautiful, but I wish the sun wasn’t at it’s peak. Pictures were too bright with bad shading on my face.

Toro Toro Restaurant:

Miami Toro Toro
Truly tried to fix the lighting of this pic, but I failed.

All. You. Can. Eat. Brunch. Now, I’m no stranger to this type of brunch. The DC area is full of this, usually unlimited mimosas with your brunch entree. Some places, such as Toro Toro, do unlimited mimosas (or margaritas and aqua frescas, shout out to El Centro) AND food. I took a break from the seagan lifestyle to feast on some filet with chimichurri sauce, but I mainly ate shrimp, salmon, crab, and cauliflower. I don’t think I ever really eat eggs at brunches anyways. Lots of meat. I gotta soak up all the alcohol I was drinking!

Unfortunately, Cleveland has made unlimited mimosas illegal or something, so y’all won’t find me brunching as often as I would like to. Who really has the money to get drunk off of 10 mimosas? 10 mimosas in Cleveland is more than the unlimited brunch in DC… Anyways, since I’ll be in Cleveland for the foreseeable future, I’ll stop with this slander.

But Toro Toro? 10/10 Recommend. My goal was to drink 10 mimosas, and that I did. Champagne drunk is my favorite type of drunk.

Sugar EAST Miami:

Miami East

Now this is a lifestyle I want to live. $15-$18 craft cocktails. Small plates. Nice skyline and beautiful views. Older crowd. Plush surroundings. You and 2-4 other friends. Sophisticasual. I only came to get my picture (of myself), honestly. But one of these days, y’all will find me rooftop bar hopping without a care in the world.

After our pictures, we ended going to a much more grungy bar. Ladies get free drinks* and they play lots of throwback music. Not my scene, but also didn’t hate it–I got free drinks though!

*restrictions did apply, not sure which since I got all the drinks I ordered, but I’m simple and ordered the house cocktail and tequila-pineapple.

When will I next be in Miami? Unclear. But next time, if I don’t have a picture on a boat, I’ll be sad.

Starting Off

Writing has always been therapeutic to me. Starting from maybe 6th grade, I would write out (horrible) plots to stories I wanted to develop. Reading over them… Wow. You can really chart my phases and track my writing styles.

Later on, I would start writing editorials for different blogs.

Then, I decided to make my own blog. The first, like, 50, failed. So here’s to the 51st. This isn’t a personal blog, but rather a blog that will get me up and active. I love to cook and make green smoothies (and by smoothies, I really only mean the one basic smoothie I make, but I guess I will start to diversify). I love going out. I really hate going on dates… But! I’m hoping this blog will force me to leave my comfort circle of the two bars I frequent and go try out new places, just so you can get entertainment and enjoyment.

Hope you enjoy the snippet of my life I show y’all.